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Trijuti Technologies is founded in 2013 with the sole purpose of providing innovative IT solutions and resources to companies and catapult them to achieving greater success.

Trijuti Technologies provides the complete set of hardware design and software development services to clients looking to Wire Harness, PCB Solutions and develop IoT, IIoT platforms and solutions. We are growing company in the field of Renewable energy "INTERNET OF THINGS " ( IoT) , our specialists can build just about anything you need for an IoT & IIoT enablement, including physical/cloud servers to store and manage data.

What We Do?

Are you into industrial business?

We believe that cables are fundamental to every project and provide you the customized wire Harness for various purposes and PCB Solutions for the customer need. By sharing our technical expertise and creating a highly customer-centric approach to how we operate, we can help our clients create cable connections that deliver the performance their projects demand.
We can help optimize your factory operations by implementing Industrial Internet of Things ( IIoT ) solutions for industries such as manufacturing and utilities. Industrial Internet of Things enable your plant managers to remotely monitor machinery, exercise predictive maintenance for better asset management, and make informed decisions to enhance operational efficiency. Here are the main factors that come into play while implementing any IoT & IIoT solutions.

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