Food Industry

Tea Blending

  By definition, tea blending is the simple process of putting teas of different characteristics together to form a final product. The golden rule of tea blending is to achieve consistency in taste, while reflecting nuances of it’s different components.

Classically, tea blending is associated with black tea production. As tea companies require a specific taste for their house black tea [English Breakfast], Tea Tasters in Sri Lanka & India would have to create and maintain unique black tea blends for the tea companies, also known as a “Standard” in the industry.

Chilli Processing

 Ribbon Blenders with load cells assure accuracy and help to obtain the perfect homogenized chilli powder blend. Optional arrangement for Oleoresin / oil spraying is provided. Post sifting and passing through the metal detectors, spices are screw conveyed for packing.

Automation and control have gained impetus in Spice processing. PLC SCADA system to monitor ensures round the clock monitoring of the plant. The monitoring dashboard can be enabled not only on internal control panels but even can be accessed remotely in your mobile phone. This also supports vendors with modification options.

Project Info

  • Category:Food Industry
  • Technology Used: IoT
  • Project-1:Tea Blending
  • Project-2:Chilli Processing

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