Industrial Automation

  We completely believe that today’s industrial automation requires combination of technical support and technical product quality in equal way. Our company provides this combination in a most effective way to solve out your any problem in automation. To provide best combination of hardware and software Automation systems carefully combined products and manpower for offering best solution to industry with dedication towards servicing and maintenance supplied by us. We provide wide bandwidth of products connecting sensors to boardrooms.

IOT Office Automation

It is quite difficult for individual office owners to operate one or more than one Offices and keep track of each office appliances individually. At such time we need an online solution for physical office appliances control. Her we propose use of IOT technology for office appliance automation. This allows owner co control his/her office appliances through the internet using an easy to use GUI. For this system demonstration our system uses an AVR family microcontroller for the purpose.

IOT Industry Protection System

The IOT industry protection system is a designed to protect industries from losses due to accidents using Internet of things. Gas leakages may lead to fires leading to huge industrial losses, also instant fire detection is needed in case of furnace blasts or other conditions. Also, low lighting in industries may create improper work conditions increasing the probability of accidents. The system makes use of Arduino to achieve this functionality. The system makes use of temperature sensing along with light and gas sensing to detect fire, gas leakage as well as low lighting to avoid any industrial accidents and prevent losses

IOT Circuit Breaker Project

This project provides a password based circuit breaker system using IOT. Quite a lot of fatal accidents happen with line men due to electric shocks. It is a result of miscoordination or miscommunication between line men and substations. The project aims to solve this issue by making use of IOT. The IoT based Circuit Breaker is a system with high response time, which uses the interconnection network (internet) to control electrical loads. This system uses a Wi-Fi module paired with Atmega328p microcontroller locally to connect to the internet. It is also equipped with an LCD display which shows the state of each load connected to the system, either On or Off.

Project Info

  • Category:Industry Automation
  • Technology Used: IoT
  • Project-1:Office Automation
  • Project-2:Industry Protection
  • Project-3:Circuit Breaker

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